Talwalkars NuForm

NuForm by Talwalkars

With its advanced Electro Muscle Stimulation technology, NuForm is the efficient alternative to traditional gym training methods. A result oriented program, it provides you with a full body workout and enables you to get fit quick with just one 20 minute session per week.

NuForm uses electrical impulses to stimulate and exercise deep muscle groups, resulting in weight loss, improved muscular strength and endurance, enhanced flexibility and back pain relief.

Why NuForm?

Sports Training

If you’re looking to build speed, endurance and an athletic physique, NuForm will get you there with just 20 minutes per week. What’s more, when combined with your regular sport-specific workout regimen, it enhances muscle stability and strength in a fraction of the time usually required. 

Safe and simple, this program comes with constant monitoring from our fitness trainers, and without the muscle soreness that accompanies traditional training approaches.


Health and Fitness
A sedentary lifestyle and job-related stress can take a toll on your health. Staying seated for hours on end gives rise to a number of ailments such as chronic back ache due to decreased core muscle strength. 

NuForm boosts circulation and helps keep core muscles active. It also helps strengthen the back muscles to improve posture and eliminate aches and pains.


Getting in Shape
Busy schedules often leave us with little to no time for exercise. With NuForm fat reduction training, 20 minutes per week is all it takes to stay fit.

NuForm’s muscle contractions improve blood flow and nutrient supply, enhance metabolism, fat utilization and muscle regeneration, and reduce cellulite to give you that toned physique you’ve always wanted.


What does NuForm Involve?
Your personal NuForm trainer will perform a complete fitness evaluation, and customize a workout plan taking your personal goals and constraints into consideration.

You’ll be provided with a special workout outfit which helps enhance toning, and will be supervised through every workout session. The response and outcome of your training will be evaluated at various stages to ensure you’re on your way towards your fitness goals.