Looking for yoga classes near me? Try Zorba, our Renaissance Studio, and experience inner peace. We offer 14 different holistic approaches towards mental and physical wellness, and aim not only at treating a symptom, but treating the system. 


Zorba means, ‘to live each day to the fullest’, and that’s what we’re all about.  With a vision to create a happier world, Mr. Sarvesh Sashi opened the first Zorba studio in the basement of Dewa Towers at Mount Road, Chennai in December, 2013. This address now serves as our head office. 


With the consequent opening of our studios on Harrington Road and Anna Nagar, Chennai, we’ve managed to impact 200 lives and we’re still counting. Our own blog and brand of merchandise make Zorba much more than a brand- it’s a lifestyle. Zorba offers customized programs and camps for corporates, where we teach aerobic exercises for weight loss, incorporating various techniques of yoga and Zumba to manage stress and overall well-being. We also offer regular morning and evening classes for individuals and can tailor a program to best suit your needs.

To get started or get in touch with a Zorbian,

Email us at contact@wearezorba.com

Or call 9841132345