What is Reduce?

Reduce is an effective, flexible weight loss program designed to cater to your individual convenience. It provides weight loss guidance and supplies healthy meals to your home or office, while taking care of portion control and nutritional balance for you. All you need to do is register and dig in!

How much weight can I expect to lose?

With the right follow through, you can lose upto 4 kilograms per month.

I have a hormonal imbalance/ PCOD and have tried and failed to lose weight before. Will Reduce be the answer to my weight loss woes?

Yes. Follow the advice of your Reduce counsellor and this program may well prove to be your way to weight loss.

I have gout. Is Reduce safe for me?

Yes. You won’t be put on a diet that’s high in protein.

If I am not satisfied with the taste, can I add flavour enhancers to my meals?

Yes. You can customise your Reduce meals with herbs, spices and vegetables- in consultation with your counsellor, of course.

What if I don’t like the taste of particular product?

Reduce offers you a variety of products to choose from. You can simply avoid the ones you’re not too fond of eating.

Can I continue the program while travelling?

Yes. Reduce was designed for people with busy schedules, who are constantly on the go. What matters is your decision and discipline to stick to the program.

Do I need to add exercise to my routine to lose weight with Reduce?

No. Reduce allows you to lose weight without exercise. However, adding some physical activity to your routine will not only help you improve the results of your weight loss, but will also help keep you fit.

Are Reduce meals safe for any age group?

Yes. Reduce meals are prepared from all natural ingredients and are safe for people of any age.

Is the Reduce program suitable for any age group?

Reduce is suitable for anyone between 14 and 55 years of age.

What if I am allergic to a certain ingredient?

You can choose to avoid ingredients that don’t agree with you.

Can I go on the Reduce diet while lactating? When is the right time to start?

Yes. It is ideal to wait 3 months after delivery to begin the Reduce program.

I prefer eating fresh food over packed food. Can I eat homemade salad and dal?

Yes. You can continue eating home-cooked meals as long as you follow your Reduce expert’s advice on ingredients and portion control.

What if I want only snacks and not the meal?

Your Reduce expert will plan your diet accordingly, and incorporate salads into your meal.

What is the role of the Reduce expert in this program?

Our Reduce experts serve to guide, support and motivate you throughout the duration of your program.

How can I maintain my new weight after completion of the Reduce program?

After completing Reduce, you can shift over to a weight maintenance program and incorporate a few minor lifestyle changes to help you keep the weight off.

How are Reduce products better than other ready-to-eat products?

Reduce products are all natural, low in calories and fat, and high in fibre. They are also prepared using portion control, keeping your individual requirements in mind.

Is weight loss guaranteed? Will I get a refund if I don’t lose weight?

Based on our records, we guarantee weight loss results to all committed members of the Reduce program. We do not have a refund policy.


I’m Not Flexible—Can I Do Yoga?

You definitely can perform Yoga even if you are not flexible and when it comes to the flexibility yoga is one of the best tools, in such conditions it's better to start with step 1 and it is a process so after few days you will be more flexible.

How Is Yoga Different From Stretching or Other Kinds of Fitness?

When it comes to Yoga, Yoga postures and kriyas are the combinations of breath, strength and flexibility whereas stretches might be a simple way to make muscles relax and stretching is one part in Yoga itself. Of course, there are many other forms of fitness but yoga has proven to be as the most effective and positive approach towards the complete overall health which includes Mind, body, and soul other type of fitness just targets only physical aspects of fitness.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Practice Yoga?

It is always best to do something than nothing, still we would say it is good in general to do regular practice for first 6 to 8 months at least five days in a week but after a while, one can practice thrice in a week which varies person to person and their fitness goals.

Why Are You Supposed to Refrain From Eating 2–3 Hours Before Class?

Yoga is a combination of the powerful transformational process where your internal organs also get tempted and a belly full of food might cause discomforts in many ways as yoga sessions are a combination of physical movement, twisting and breathing exercises. Food can be troublesome to perform yoga and attain the benefits. But still, 2 almonds or one banana can be taken at least half hr before.

What Does Hatha Mean?

In general term, Hatha means stubbornness or stability in yoga you can say stubbornness for health or stability of fitness in mind body and soul aspects known as Hatha yoga.

How is Zorba different from others?

We are different from others in many ways - the size of our classes, certified and experienced trainers, personal attention, more than 23 forms of yoga and 16 types of pranayama, working with India's best fitness club, we value happiness and it's better to experience it.

Is it possible to gain weight in yoga?

Yes yoga goes both ways there have been researches about it, through yoga you can gain weight and as well lose weight our trainers will design the session according to your needs.

Will I gain weight again once I stop the practice?

Nothing is permanent, we can't guarantee you if you are going to gain again weight. It depends on lifestyle and person to person as everyone has a different body nature. But sure you still can understand and learn how you can maintain yourself without taking separate time.